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Recognizing Hibbing, Minnesota Small Business Growth and Success

Posted on March 14, 2019 at 09:12 AM. Written by Entrepreneur Fund

Hibbing continues to be a center for Minnesota small business growth and success. Every year, incredible and impactful work propels the Hibbing business community further than anyone could have imagined. At the Entrepreneur Fund, we are very proud to work with so many strong partners who are committed to strengthening economic development in and around Hibbing.

At the 114th annual Hibbing Chamber Dinner, a mood of optimism filled the room with positivity and excitement for the year to come. Opening remarks from outgoing President Lory Fedo, incoming President Vicki Hagberg and 2019 Chair of the Board Jared Lubben echoed the impressive accomplishments of the board over the past three decades, and the ambitious future we’re all working together to obtain.

Getting Pier B Resort to the Starting Line

Posted on March 04, 2019 at 05:17 PM. Written by Entrepreneur Fund

Businesses aren’t born overnight. When a new business finally opens its doors to the public, it is often after years of planning and hard work behind the scenes. The pre-development process is complex, especially if an innovative business plan breaks away from the ordinary to try something altogether new.

Building a new facility can require feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, extensive design and planning work, and buy-in from local, state and possibly federal stakeholders – not to mention extensive funding and new business loans.

All this work and planning takes place long before a business can begin generating revenue. How do aspiring business owners finance the necessary pre-development work that is required BEFORE presenting a solid business plan to the bank?

Coffee Sourced from the Heart

Posted on January 10, 2019 at 03:49 PM. Written by Entrepreneur Fund

Duluth Coffee Company is a Duluth staple. Locals love it. Tourists can’t get enough. Across the board, consumers appreciate the sustainably-sourced, high-quality coffee – but just seven years ago, the Duluth Coffee Company was still an idea, percolating in the mind and heart of Eric Faust.

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