When you think of Hibbing, Minnesota, “award-winning business consulting” may not come to mind – but it should. Karine Woodman, of 24hr Bookkeeper, has built a globally recognized accounting services firm located right in the heart of Hibbing.

By embracing technology and providing expert services for payroll, bookkeeping and QuickBooks™ training, Woodman and her team have quickly become sought-after business consultants, and 24hr Bookkeeper was recently named Intuit’s Global Firm of the Future. As the U.S. finalist, the company competed with finalists from the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Setting the company apart from the competition was the ability to integrate third-party software and apps with QuickBooks, and having a cloud-based approach to accounting services.

To Woodman, business accounting services translates into something more meaningful, helping people.

We’re in the business of being trusted,” Woodman says. “We take care of people’s babies, their financials, and that takes a lot of trust. We truly care, and want our clients to be successful.”

Woodman knows being a business owner can be a lonely place, and strives to create simple and efficient workflows for her clients, so they can better understand their business financials. And because, her business regularly happens via video conference, Woodman can help business owners from across the nation – and does – all from her office in Hibbing.

Woodman founded 24hr Bookkeeper to help businesses on the Iron Range manage accounting, payroll and QuickBooks. Fast-forward seven years and the team provides consulting services to businesses across the nation. 24hr Bookkeeper has positioned itself to clients in all industries, but finds majority of their clientele are in the construction, professional services, healthcare and hospitality industries.

Over the past year, Woodman has worked with the Entrepreneur Fund, assisting and facilitating training with their clients in the areas of QuickBooks and financial services. Soon after her facilitation began, Woodman started working with an Entrepreneur Fund business advisor for her own company. She knew the level she wanted to bring her business to, and found value in the advice and guidance she was receiving from her business advisor. Having support from someone with actual small-business experience helped Woodman systemize her operations and streamline 24hr Bookkeeper’s fast-paced growth.

24hr Bookkeeper is a perfect example that living in a smaller town doesn’t (and shouldn’t) limit a business owner’s potential for success. Networking, getting your business out there and embracing technological approaches to conducting business, allows entrepreneurs to grow their business well beyond their expectations.