Ignite Webinar: Mental Fitness During COVID-19

Ignite Webinar: Mental Fitness During COVID-19

Posted on July 13, 2020 at 07:12 AM. Written by Women's Business Alliance - North & Central

5. July 8 - Mental Fitness for Managing Pressures of COVID

Webinar Overview

Due to COVID-19, entrepreneurs are encountering higher levels of stress and pressure. Business situations are uncertain and the pandemic has added weight to an already demanding, fast pace and budget crunching environment.
Pressure can adversely affect important decisions - leading to mistakes and lessening one’s ability to cope with challenges. Thereby derailing confidence as well as the quality of life. Join us as leadership expert, coach and speaker, Pam Solberg Tapper, discusses how to strengthen your mental fitness to cope with the pressures of life amid COVID-19.
At the end of the eleventh webinar in our Ignite Webinar Series, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the personal and professional implications associated with high levels of pressure such as impaired decisions, mistakes and behavior changes.
  • Learn actionable, practical mental fitness strategies to deal with high-pressure situations.
  • Create the ability to share pressure-reduction tools with others in your business.


Mental Fitness During COVID-19 with Pam Solberg-Tapper (PDF)



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