Move Your Business to the Next Level With EOS®

Move Your Business to the Next Level With EOS®

Posted on May 14, 2018 at 04:04 PM. Written by Entrepreneur Fund

Many business owners have a love-hate relationship with their business. They love being a business owner and most of what goes with it, but there is a part of it that leaves them feeling overwhelmed. It’s that thing that wakes them up at 2AM and is a constant worry in the back of their mind. It could be that they’ve hit a ceiling and can’t move up to the next level, they can’t overcome their issues, or that they are not getting what they want from their business.

As a team of small business owners and leaders who have faced the same challenges, the staff at the Entrepreneur Fund understands what it’s like to be in these situations. It’s not a good feeling. We are passionate about helping small businesses and have worked with over 14,000 entrepreneurs, small business owners, and business leaders since our founding in 1989. We are constantly working to find the best solutions to help our clients achieve successful, healthy businesses, and solve their issues.

This is where the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) comes in. EOS® is a real method for achieving business success – allowing business owners to be more effective, more productive, and more profitable. As EOS® implementers, the Entrepreneur Fund provides a set of simple and practical tools, along with proven methods, that enable entrepreneurs to get what they want from their business and strengthen its Six Key Components™. Those components include:

  • Traction Component – The tangible tools the business needs to execute on their plan.
  • Vision Component – Getting everyone in the business 100% on the same page with where the business is going and how it’s going to get there.

  • People Component – Ensuring that the business owner is surrounded with great people to help execute on the vision.

  • Data Component–Having a handful of numbers that give a pulse on how the business is doing.

  • Issues Component – Identify the obstacles and barriers that can hold the business back and provide the tools needed to help solve these issues forever.

  • Process Component – Systemizing the business by identifying the core processes that make up the business, getting everyone on the same page with what they are, and making sure everyone is following them. In this way consistency and scalability is created within the company.
Getting strong in the Six Key Components™ of the business truly makes EOS® unlike many other strategic planning processes available, in that it combines tangible tools and ongoing methods to bring the business owner’s vision to life.

What Our EOS® Clients Say

“So many of us focus on solving customer driven issues that we forget to work on the actual business structure. EOS® has assisted us to better define our roles, responsibilities and most importantly measurable outcomes. Our EOS® Facilitator has ultimately improved our business health through communication, and effective, measurable customer service. The better we get at managing our business the more we realize how far we have yet to go.”

- Don Negley, Rural Living Environments

“EOS® has been revolutionary in making Titanium Partners run smoothly and efficiently.
Our EOS Implementer™ has been our biggest advocate and cheerleader throughout the process of implementing EOS® within Titanium Partners. She has dedicated her time, energy and expertise to our success and we couldn’t ask for anything more!”

- Monique Forcier, Titanium Partners

“EOS® brought back my focus and I’m now only working on the things that really matter.”

- Brian Forcier, Titanium Partners

“If there is a modern-day equivalent to an old-fashioned tent revival, EOS® is it. The program and our assigned EOS® consultant has made a clear revival in our business, our culture, staff and our overall success. It’s not that we were necessarily DOA when we first started the EOS® program; we had a relatively successful business model, we were showing consistent growth and encouraged a healthy culture. Steve and I recognized that if we were going to continue to grow and expand our business operations, the importance of developing leaders within our staff was not only necessary, it was critical to our future success. We operate in a very competitive industry and we believe there are really only two options to consider: grow or die – and we were not excited about the later. Humbly, we needed help to develop leaders within our company and EOS® has charted a clear path for us to follow to make that happen; and it has. In addition, we now have clearly delineated plans and goals for the next one, three and ten years complemented by our now newly established core values that will help guide our growth and staffing along our journey."  

- Mike Larson, Cascade Vacation Rentals

Free Consultation:

EOS® is a fee-for-service offering and the Entrepreneur Fund offers a FREE consultation to find out if EOS® is right for your business.
  • Learn about the process.
  • Learn about our team.
  • Learn about how EOS® can help you to take back control of your business, enjoy more personal freedom and flexibility, and have a healthy, thriving business.

Contact the Entrepreneur Fund at for your free consultation.

You can also learn more about EOS® here.


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