Meet the Speakers and Panelists for the Third and Final SOAR Conference Session: Health

Meet the Speakers and Panelists for the Third and Final SOAR Conference Session: Health

Posted on October 27, 2020 at 01:02 PM. Written by Entrepreneur Fund

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It shouldn’t take a global pandemic to get the world to prioritize healthy habits in every aspect of our lives, but here we are. We’re washing our hands more than ever before. We’re wearing masks to protect ourselves and others from airborne contagions. We’re keeping our distance from others. It’s amazing what we’ve been able to do this year. You should be proud.

All those things don’t begin to touch our individual mental and emotional wellness. Achieving wellness and balance looks a little different for everyone. Our guest speakers will share actionable steps and advice to boost wellness and invest in yourself.

Join us for the final SOAR Conference session to explore what health can look like for busy women business owners.

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Day 3: Health - Living Your Healthiest and Most Fulfilling Life
Thursday, November 19 (9:00AM – 11:30AM)

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Debra Lindh

A Mindful Approach to Building Resilience and Finding Harmony 

Dr. Deb Lindh (Dr. Deb) is a PTSD Survivor-Warrior, Amazon Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Scholar Practitioner, and founder of the global Twitter Chat #PTSDandBeyond and the podcast PTSD and Beyond, which were both launched to provide advocacy, support and resources as well as hope, inspiration, education and empowerment to everyone affected by, and with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Dr. Deb’s contributions to Post-Traumatic Stress Recovery stems from sharing her story, experiences and medication-free recovery with surviving narcissistic child abuse. “If there’s a solution, I’ll find it and if not, I’ll build one,” Dr. Deb Lindh.

While earning her doctorate, Dr. Deb focused her studies and committed to helping herself overcome the many symptoms of PTSD - all without medication, using herself as the guinea pig and experiment while also acting as the researcher, scientist, innovator and client. Dr. Deb created evidence-based interventions, practical techniques and a company, Mindful Effect, where she teaches these techniques and interventions to help people develop skills and be self-reliant in managing PTSD. 

Dr. Deb has been inspiring global audiences for over twenty years on innovation, success, stress management, PTSD and mindfulness. Dr. Deb has received many awards and is globally recognized for her pioneering contributions from organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, PsychCentral’s Top 21 to Follow on Twitter, University of Arizona School of Medicine, American Psychological Association and Working Mother Media. She has appeared on The Brian Tracy Show, as well on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX news.



Kari Collett

A to Zinc Nutrition

Kari’s enthusiasm about health and nutrition is incredible! Kari is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian specializing in functional nutrition. With additional training specific to food sensitivities, she is also a Certified LEAP Therapist. Coupling education from the College of St. Benedict and Iowa State University with life experiences, Kari helps people reach optimal states of health and function. She is diverse in the population she serves in that she provides individualized nutrition services for those with food sensitivities, chronic pain and disease, weight loss goals, athletic performance goals and more using whole food therapies, supplements and mind-body exercises for the health and healing of clients.


Marcy Kernez
Eagles Nest Massage Therapy

Marcy Kernez is the owner and director of Eagles Nest Massage Therapy, which is celebrating 30 years of business this year. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Occupational Therapy and then received additional training as a massage therapist. She and her former husband opened the first massage school in the area, which was sold to Lake Superior College in 1999. Following her own cancer diagnosis and treatment, Marcy was the first program manager of the Miller-Dwan Foundation's Caring Ways Cancer Resource Center. There, she developed programming for cancer patients and their families. She is a life-long student of personal growth and is certified in Spiritual Direction, Renewing Life Facilitation and Heartmath Instruction. She weaves her passion for holistic wellness into her massage studio, creating a workplace that is harmonious and a business that is considered exceptional by its clients. 


Ann Maxwell
Yoga North

Owner of Yoga North ISYI since December 2001, Ann holds a master’s degree as well as certification in Hatha Yoga, yoga therapy and is one of the founders of SomaYoga Methodology. She delights in supporting people to find a kinder, more compassionate practice of yoga on and off the mat. She also gets great satisfaction in being on the faculty at Yoga North ISYI. Ann enjoys watching people find their niche, grow their skills and become great yoga teachers and therapists. 

Some of Ann’s favorite work is “shadow work” and peeling back the layers of fear and immobilization that keep us all from the joy and freedom that is possible in our lives. Ann brings the spirit of adventure and curiosity to her expertise as a yoga instructor and business owner, grounding her ability in the practicality and expertise of the body. Ann is a model of yogic living for her students and brings a sense of wisdom and fun to the daily practice of yoga.

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