Think Big, Get Results: 5 Ways Entrepreneurs move from stability to greatness

Think Big, Get Results: 5 Ways Entrepreneurs move from stability to greatness

Posted on July 08, 2015 at 01:14 PM. Written by Entrepreneur Fund

1. Change your role.

Become the CEO of your company rather than being a small business owner. What was required of you in starting and building a stable business is different than what will be needed from you to achieve growth.

2. Know where you are going.

Get clear on your big picture vision of success. Turn that vision into goals, strategies, and timelines to move from idea to implementation. Take time away from the day-to-day of your business to formulate effective strategies. What resources will you need? What skills? Do you have the right people? Utilize your network to bring in multiple perspectives and you will be amazed in what is possible and who wants to be part of it.

3. Reignite your passion with purpose.

Renew and connect with why your company exists. As the chief energy officer of the company, your attitudes and values will shape your company’s culture. Connecting with these not only renews your own energy (and everyone around you) but often creates a sustainable competitive edge in the marketplace.

4. Improve your skills that are critical to growth.

You know them and they keep hitting you in the face: Delegation, Financial Management, HR Management, Building Culture, Talent Management, and Effective Communication are a common few. Take on one at a time and look for places that offer succinct and pragmatic learning for small businesses.

5. Build your network.

Create an advisory board to help you wrestle with difficult and strategic decisions. Find mentors who are good listeners and are widely experienced in the hands on work of growing a company. Build a network of strategic partners (consultants, advisors, business peers) that can widen your circle of influence, resources, and knowledge.
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