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SOAR Conference Day 2: Mompreneurship - Balancing Business and Family | Meet the Speakers and Panelists

Posted on October 22, 2020 at 10:54 AM. Written by Entrepreneur Fund

Owning a business takes on a life of its own, but that doesn’t mean your own life comes to a grinding halt. It may feel like business trumps everything at times, but you truly can manage it all AND leave energy to spare for your own mental health. It’s important that you do.

Many other women have battled the same challenges in finding balance. There’s no magic formula for success here, but rather an ever-evolving continuum of prioritization, organization and focus.

Learning from others is the best way to build a life that works for you and your family. Join us in our second day of the virtual SOAR Conference to explore the topic of family with other impressive women business owners who’ve been there.

To learn more about the Soar Conference, click here.

Meet Your SOAR Conference Speakers and Panelists | Day 1: Embracing An Entrepreneurial Money Mindset

Posted on October 20, 2020 at 12:01 PM. Written by Entrepreneur Fund

During today’s climate of economic uncertainty, we are bringing together women business owners to support and learn from one another. The challenges we’ve overcome in the past are everyday realities for others. When we share our experiences, we lift others up and pave the way for more women to succeed in business.

SOAR is more than a conference. It is also a mindset, an action plan and a community for women business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders in our region who are taking steps to make incredible things happen.

We’ve moved to a fully online format to keep everyone safe and also encourage more women business owners in Minnesota to attend. The virtual SOAR Conference features expert speakers, engaging panels, skill-building sessions, peer networking opportunities and actionable resources delivered over three days. To learn more about the Soar Conference, click here.

In the first 2.5-hour session, we’ll dive deep to explore a topic that’s always on an entrepreneur’s mind: Finance.

The Entrepreneur Fund - Your Trusted Small Business Resource Amidst a Global Pandemic

Posted on October 06, 2020 at 12:18 PM. Written by Entrepreneur Fund

COVID-19 Resources

Like the businesses we serve, the Entrepreneur Fund’s focus shifted dramatically in early 2020. In addition to helping drive strategic growth for our clients, we became a trusted resource for information and support for businesses working to stay afloat amidst a global pandemic.

Nobody could have predicted COVID-19. Nobody could have planned for the serious impacts stay-at-home orders had on the business community. But, the businesses in our region flexed their ability to be agile and shifted as best they could. For some, that meant enabling staff to work from home. For others, it meant furloughs, hour reductions or staff cutbacks.

With many unknowns, our clients looked to us for guidance, so we shifted. We learned as much as possible about the federal, state and local resources available in order to help our clients access emergency funding and resources that would help sustain their business. We focused our efforts on three key areas:

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