“The Power of 10”: Entrepreneurs Collaborate, invest in Lincoln Park Craft District

“The Power of 10”: Entrepreneurs Collaborate, invest in Lincoln Park Craft District

Posted on April 19, 2018 at 05:03 PM. Written by Entrepreneur Fund

New artisan food offerings, brewery launching in 2018.

Cork Town and Love Creamery Storefronts                             (The Corktown Deli and Love Creamery storefront locations in Lincoln Park. )

New Duluth restaurant and brewery businesses on the horizon continue to shape the Craft District.

With Bent Paddle opening their new taproom to much fanfare last week, the energy and investment in Lincoln Park continue to grow and shape the community. We hit the streets this week to check in on the latest projects opening soon in Lincoln Park: URSA MINOR Brewing, Corktown Deli & Brews and Love Creamery. We caught up with the entrepreneurs, who carved out some time from their busy schedules to give us sneak peeks into their new ventures, along with some insight into what makes Lincoln Park such a central point of entrepreneurial activity.  


“It just fits,” said Ben Hugus, co-founder and COO of Ursa Minor Brewing. “There is a mentality in Lincoln Park, that is different than other places – I call it the power of 10. People here just realize that we can all do more together, so everyone helps each other out in very tangible, meaningful ways.” Hugus credits a team of many in helping make this a reality. “Laura Mullen and Bent Paddle have been super supportive since day 1; I wouldn’t be opening without them. Curt Walzak at UMDCED helped me work my financial projections to the bone and connect me with my landlord, David Marshall. The Entrepreneur Fund and Northland Foundation were our financial partners who worked tirelessly with us to make the financing happen, taking a chance on a start-up brewery.”  

Ursa 3                             (Ben Hugus of Ursa Minor Brewing)

Ursa Minor Brewing will be Duluth’s newest brewery, and brothers/co-owners Mark and Ben Hugus will be a great addition to the Lincoln Park Craft District. They wanted a place to feature their own craft beer, wood fire pizzas and bring some great outdoor seating to Duluth. As co-founder and Head of Brewing Operations, Mark Hugus brings an array of brewing experience with stints at Red Eye Brewing, Fitger’s Brewhouse and Castle Danger.  “We could see things coming online in Lincoln Park when we started our planning. We attended some Advancing Lincoln Park meetings and felt the energy, saw new projects were coming. The opening of OMC was happening. The big turning point seemed to be with the opening of the Folk School – a lot is still happening there with the new café coming online shortly,” continued Hugus. “Then when we got here, we uncovered all the existing gems that have been here for years.  Lee’s Pizza may be one of the best-hidden places in Duluth.”


“The buzz of the neighborhood has taken on a life of its own,” says Tom Hanson, owner of the Duluth Grill, OMC Smokehouse and now Corktown Deli & Brews. When Karin Kraemer of Duluth Pottery is hosting events, you just feel the energy artists are bringing to the neighborhood – it’s going to be fun to see what takes shape this summer.” Corktown will be located next to Love Creamery and across the street from OMC Smokehouse. “Corktown Deli & Brews is just one more commitment we’re making to the neighborhood, as we’re looking to be one additional place that will round out the many reasons people want to come to Lincoln Park.”  

Cork Town 2                             (Corktown space located in Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood)

We got a glimpse of the New York-style Deli experience – a straight view to an open kitchen and what will be a menu straight out of old New York, a case of bakery goods, and a U-shaped bar that’ll make you want to stay and chat for hours. For those wanting to stop and grab a sandwich, they’ll enjoy an open view of the Goat Hill neighborhood from bar style seating.

LOVE CREAMERY (Early Summer 2018)

“Lincoln Park is one of the last real main streets in Duluth. I wanted to be part of the main street revitalization, it’s just who I am – that’s what led me to Lincoln Park,” explained Nicole Wilde, owner of Love Creamery. “What really sealed it? Having great advocates and partners like Chris Benson, owner of Frost River and Tom Hansen. They’ve been advocates for me and my product even before coming here.  With awesome neighbors like Karin Kramer and the Folk School, it just closed it - this is the place for me.”

Love Creamery will be bringing all of the flavors that we’ve enjoyed at New Scenic Café and Yellow Bike to the new storefront shop – but that’s not all. The new location will give Wilde the ability to showcase some new offerings: ice cream cocktails, espresso drinks and a specially paired stout/ice cream menu that gives a nod to local breweries. Also, there will be some offerings on tap: Duluth Kombucha & Duluth Cider Company. Wilde has been collaborating on locally sourced ingredients for years. For items that don’t come from her farm near Two Harbors, many are sourced from Clover Valley Farms or in partnership with Community Action Duluth’s food program.  

Love Creamery 3                             (Early stages of construction are underway at the new Love Creamery space.)

“Its’ been a team approach – all the way up to opening,” continued Wilde. Chris Benson is leasing the space and partnering on construction. Financing was provided by a variety of partners that included National Bank of Commerce, the Entrepreneur Fund and Duluth LISCs storefront loan program.  

Collaboration to the Power of 10

It’s going to be a busy and exciting summer in the Lincoln Park neighborhood with these new Duluth restaurants and breweries. We can hardly wait to see how these new establishments continue the momentum that entrepreneurs and many partners have been working so hard to build in the craft district. When we work together, great things happen.


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